Abram Tiredness + Overwhelm

Hello Abram

It feels like its been so long since I felt I had to reach out to you. The good news is I don’t carry the I haven’t been in touch guilt since you aligned me with that truth. I’m in such need of your wisdom Abram. I feel so tired and alone, I think I prefer when I feel anger, or resentment. How do I move from this state of apathy, of fatigue, of overwhelm, of not knowing what to do?

I feel so tired and alone, I think I prefer when I feel anger, or resentment. How do I move from this state of apathy, of fatigue, of overwhelm, of not knowing what to do?

Hello Kerry, why do you need to know what to do Kerry?

So I can help myself Abram, so I can move from this state and then help others.

So you need to know what to do so you can help others Kerry?

Yes Abram. I’m really not getting where this is heading, along with myself I can’t help anyone if I don’t know what to do Abram.

And what do you need to do Kerry?

I need to know what to do Abram? Everyone around me at the moment seems to be in such despair, such pain and I feel like I’m drowning in it. I’m not making the difference.

Ahhh so its you that makes the difference Kerry.

Well yes, isn’t It? They come to me and I give the tools that they need at that time? I feel like this is spiraling off course from my starting point Abram

I would say its expanding Kerry, unfolding, it was tightly bound in the thought and feeling trapped by your resistance.

Resistant to what? I don’t feel in resistance I just feel so bloody tired and overwhelmed.

So be tired and overwhelmed.

But I don’t want to be tired and overwhelmed.

So don’t be tired and overwhelmed.

That’s why I’m asking you for help Abram, because I don’t want to be tried and overwhelmed.

So you want me to give you the answers Kerry?

Yes I want you to tell me what to do to fix it?

So you need fixing Kerry?

Yes, I’m tried and overwhelmed.

It is not in the fixing that the wisdom you seek comes Kerry, its in the feeling of it. This tiredness this overwhelm are natural to be feeling at this time yet you feel in resistance to its wisdom. What is overwhelm and tiredness saying to you Kerry? You say you need to fix you so you can be right and fix it for others. I say there is nothing that needs fixing just feeling allowing yourself to surrender.

I feel energy moving in me now, thank you Abram. The overwhelm and tiredness has a root in a feeling of helplessness at making others ok. Fixing them I suppose. I thought I’d moved through this

(When I connect with Abram I physically feel the energy unblocking in my body as I realise my own wisdom)

You had, now you move through it from a more expanded perspective deeper into its impact on your energy body functioning.

Great so I’m tired and overwhelmed because I want to fix myself and others. When I say that it feels like its a simplification Abram. (As soon as state that the other pressures begin to surface)

I can feel the pressure of not being able to take time out along the responsibility for others well being. I guess I’m feeling the weight. I’ve been stuck in the pressure of why am I feeling this way rather than, so why am I feeling this way from a perspective of compassion. I can see all the reasons why I might be feeling flat but somehow I’m not allowed to, I’ve been disconnected from my own needs.

Healing comes from listening to your bodies needs and once this is honoured it becomes wisdom, power Kerry from which then you can share. You are faltering as you believe you are doing this alone and that the overwhelm and tiredness are somehow signs of failing or weakness. That somehow you are separate from suffering.

When it is only a message from feeling to stop and feel so that YOU can listen to what is needed from the love you give yourself.  I am the consciousness of love Kerry again I say I’m not psychic.

I am the love that holds wisdom, joy, compassion, trust, faith, gentleness, peace, connection, oneness. Love holds the sacred When you are here we are then in love do you feel it Kerry?

Yes I feel very emotional now, I can feel the current running through me.  Abram there is such despair here, such pain so much happening on this plane of consciousness and I don’t know how to keep hold of the love within to be here for others because I’ve felt tired and overwhelmed recently. showing me I’ve been out of love with self.

I  say bring that love to you Kerry, be in the love for you, be in the compassion for you. Be here in being, so you always know what to do here for you as you are here with love, can hold love and share love. Then we will be in love.

(I’m crying)

I Know you always say your not psychic Abram but you must know what’s happening at the moment on this planet, The fear, anguish the suffering? Sensitive’s are feeling such heightened states of distress at present, feeling so much and coming at them from all directions.

I  am aware of the pain yes, it is the pain of birthing a new era one of connection, to do so all must be revealed. No longer is the conflict internal but is being played out in the external reality. This chaos is a necessary part of the growth of change. There has always been suffering but it has mostly been unseen in this new era this is changing; shifting consciousness is seeking light but must transform and move through the dark as represented by the level of chaos at present on the earth plane.

I feel like I’m losing centre now I’m losing my connection and motivation for wanting this part of the information wasn’t solely altruistic. (ego was stepping in)

Yes and as such you lost focus your attention was misaligned.

That is so true. Does that mean this truth applies to all areas of my life or life in general. If not fully centred in the soul of what I’m doing, asking focusing on aligned to heart and soul truth, I just vague out haha.

Well it will makes things feel more uphill Kerry Yes,

(I hear Abram laughing)

While in connection with Abram although I am writing as much as I can share of our communication. So much emotional energy moves through me in the background.

In today’s connection simultaneously I could feel myself re-remember how If I feel alone then Its because I’ve lost my connection as Its the energy that moves through me that does the work.

Abram and Ekam.

Abram brings the channeled words to move/support our energy, Ekam brings through the healing and sight to the emotional energy body and I bring the skill set which allows them to move through. In losing my connection to my self love it impacted on how drained I was becoming outside of sacred sessions.

Upon reading this material please be aware of any epiphanies, insights, dreams or intuitions you may receive at this time. This I what Ekam and Abram bring. 

We are the loving Way

Descriptive alternative text

Copyright Kerry Sweet

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