I could see clearly as I believe all children do, but for me it never faded as I grew. I came in with my psychic skill set intact. My earliest memories are of being able to see others energy fields which I would see as colours over them. Bright golds or murky greys are the two I remember most vividly. I conversed with an angel known to me as Michael, and possessed a very strong ability to feel the way others were feeling..

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This further developed in my teens when I began to receive visions and channel messages, the truth of which were witnessed by and benefited many people in my life.

One example of many is when  a relative was told he had stage four lung cancer, in sacred sight I could only see clear glass windows. I shared this with the family but was reminded that the medical establishment had confirmed this with x rays. Yet I remained adamant he was ok such was my trust in what I saw.  A couple of weeks later it was discovered that my relative was indeed ok and the x rays results had been mistakenly confused with another patient.
Throughout my adulthood, my abilities expanded as I  followed my inner guidance through life’s challenges – learning the lessons I needed to help myself  and others. My skill set is  expressed in many different ways – as a mystic, a seer, a healer, a teacher, an intuitive therapist, a writer, musician, artist, medium, conduit, and an open channel. I seeks to become whatever is needed in the moment, in response to the soul who is standing in front of me, to allow them to heal and come back into alignment with their true power. 

I  have been on an incredible journey of self-discovery and have been exposed to many of life’s challenges such as early trauma, anxiety, postnatal depression, and periods of ill health.

As a result I come from a place of true experience, humility and deep compassion for the people I assist.  As an open channel, I  see, hear, and feel, where my clients are blocked emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I provides transformational and individualised insights and tools that help clients to process, integrate and release unexpressed emotions, outmoded mental constructs and limiting beliefs. I move the unexpressed emotional energy within.I serve to support others with my psychic, empathic, intuitive and creative skills in the present moment. I offer a number of sacred services, including Intuitive Therapy and Counseling and EKAM spinal emotional energy healing release work. I also runs workshops to support empathic and highly sensitive individuals, and those who are interested in developing their intuition and psychic abilities.Learn more about my offerings in Sacred Sessions.Currently, I’m working on writing a number of books about the psychology of the spirit, the wisdom of consciousness, and children’s stories aimed for the little sensitives. As a musician, I’ve has just released an album entitled 24/7 Raw. I live and work in Dover, Tasmania along with my partner Mark and Star Lord our cat and have  two beautiful grown children out in the world along with two grand dogs…

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About 3 years ago I met Kerry and this time has been a wonderful and supportive journey of transformation for me.

I was at a time in my life where I had suffered and was ready to deal with the trauma in my past and heal from this and move forward.

The first time I met Kerry she asked me “Where are you?” not just “How are you?” At first, I was like “I’m here in the living room with you!” Little did I know that this question way the start of getting out of the way of the way for me – the beginning of starting to know who I truly am; not just the person I was told I had to be to be accepted by family and others; the beginning of stopping forcing myself to push myself to the point of exhaustion and fear; the beginning of being able to sit, breathe and be.

The truth was, to answer Kerry’s question, at that time, I was in the past, in fear, in terror and in trauma. Over the coming months, I went on a journey of healing and support. The details of how in a way are not important – as they will always differ for each individual but suffice to say, I learnt a lot and let go of a lot – of fear, of hurt, of pain and anger that were impacting my life and relationships with those I love.

3 years on, I now can now answer much more clearly “Where am I?”. I understand healthy boundaries and healthy relationships that support me in the most amazing ways. I understand and respect my intuition; opening the door to better understand myself and my journey. This isn’t about ‘self love’ in some fluffy way, it is about really meeting yourself for the first time – with grace, love and true acceptance and healing.

It is a journey I am so thankful I have taken. Thank you Kerry from the depths of my heart for shining a light on how to ‘get out of the way of the Way.’

S, xxx

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