Abram + Doubt

Abram + Doubt

Hello Abram.

I don’t feel I am connecting with you, as though something is not quite right.

So you are not connecting.

So is this just my imagination then? Am I just making this up?

You must be.

But I can feel its you.

So we are connected.

So what was my initial block Abram?

I ask you Kerry, what was blocking you?

(I paused and considered what I was feeling.)
It was doubt Abram. If I’m doubting how can I be open to this connection? What is doubt teaching me Abram?

Your doubt is simply showing you where you need to be strong.

I don’t get it, that doesn’t make sense to me.

What did doubt do to this connection Kerry?

It felt faint and weak, like a slow internet connection.

Now place doubt in your connection to your life, to people in your life, to your aspirations Kerry. Doubt places weakness in your system, in your connections which block co-creation. Doubt inhibits flow.

So why am I doubting Abram? I believe in the co-creation which this connection brings. Why does the doubt keep rising up in me?

Simply to be released and your soul’s truth strengthened. This doubt is not wrong, it only a lower connection. It’s merely reminding you to be here. Your doubt sprang from your energy moving into a future based on an experience from the past. Taking you from here into there. This doubt reminded you you were not present. You strengthened your connection on moving from there to here. Your presence is focus, your presence is trust, your presence is strong.

Yes, stories have been coming up again, but as always I feel this shifting as I am reminded of these truths and thank you doubt for reminding me I was stuck out there and not here. Thank you Abram.


Copyright Kerry Sweet

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