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The Relationship Clarifier

Often in private sessions when I ask clients what their emotional core needs are in their intimate relationships or future possible relationships, the answers tend to be their wants or desires. But that’s not what I’m asking.
What I’m asking isn’t what they want in a partner, but what do they need from a partner.

In any healthy relationship compromise is a key component in supporting the well being of a relationship. However if you are ignoring your emotional core needs youmay think you are compromising with your partner but really you are betraying yourself. This self betrayal gnaws away at your energy body vitality and inevitably your relationships. Or without an understanding of your core needs you may enter a new relationship and find they seem to be heading in the same negative direction of your previous relationships.

The clues are in the stories you tell.


The Three B’s

Balance – Boundaries – Beliefs

This course is to help stabilise you the sensitive. It is to ground and centre your energy body. Life is both difficult and confusing at the best of times. 

The three B’s will help you see where you are and what you need to do to move your energy. The SOP I received are to help you with physical reality as a sensitive.  For many years I used these techniques if i was confused, overwhelmed stressed and each time they brought me back in my body. Now its an automatic response within myself as soon as any distressing emotional states come over me, I understand and know how to bring myself back. I wish the same for you. 
The information I provide as always is concise and easy to both follow and apply, just how us sensitives like it. 


Copyright Kerry Sweet

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