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EKAM spinal emotional energy healing release Work

In, stress, emotional overwhelm, and for those who are feeling stuck or scattered) This therapeutic treatment helps to shift unexpressed emotions or trauma stored deeply in nervous system housed in the spine.  Kerry works to move energy using her hands and her intuitive insights to create a state of balance and alignment in the body, mind and spirit. This powerful treatment releases emotional energy using a combination of non-invasive light massage techniques, intuitive counseling, and energetic psychic healing. The client lies comfortably on a massage table during this sacred healing session. The treatment promotes states of emotional wellness and clients often leave feeling realigned and energetically boosted.

Duration of session: 60 minutes approx

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Intuitive therapy and counseling

Helpful for a range issues such as trauma, anxiety, mild depression, stress, and those who are feeling stuck, scattered, indecisive, overwhelmed, or in need of any guidance

Kerry creates a sacred and safe space where her clients feel comfortable to explore deep personal issues. She sees, hears, and feels where her clients are blocked emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. She provides transformational and individualised insights and tools that help clients to process, integrate and release unexpressed emotions, outmoded mental constructs and limiting beliefs.  

As a mentor, guide and coach, Kerry helps clients to reconnect with the deepest parts of themselves to bring about positive changes in their personal lives.  These intuitive therapy sessions help clients to reclaim their own power and to bring about emotional wellness.  Intuitive therapy and counseling is helpful for those who are experiencing internal challenges in any form, and provide a powerful path to healing. Kerry assists many clients who suffer from a range of issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression and health issues.  Intuitive therapy is also beneficial for people who are navigating any of life’s challenges and may be feeling stuck, scattered or in need of guidance. 

Duration of session: 60 minutes

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Empath/Sensitive/psychic development Workshops Kerry offers healing circles to support empathic and highly sensitive individuals, and those who are interested in developing their intuition and psychic abilities.

Kerry offers tools and techniques that help people to embrace their gift of sensitivity and to cope with the challenges of being highly empathic.

In​tuitive Tea Leaves Reading Workshops Kerry’s Scottish great grandmother was a gifted tea-leaves reader, a skill passed down through generations of women.

Reading tea is one of the oldest forms of divination, and Kerry delights in sharing this knowledge with others.

Kerry offers enchanting workshops and parties for up to six people, that help individuals to intuitively open up to the messages of the tea-leaves.

Intuitive Tarot Workshops The Tarot is a deck of cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story.

Tarot is sometimes described as the storybook of life, the mirror to our soul and the key to our inner wisdom. Learning the Tarot can be a transformational experience.

Kerry offers monthly ongoing classes and workshops that explores the power of the cards, and allows you to read them in a way that accesses your intuition and inner wisdom.

Intuitive Tools Workshops Kerry helps small groups to develop their psychic abilities and introduces clients to a number of intuitive tools including skrying, working with the pendulum, psychometry, and photo-reading. These tools help individuals to access their own inner wisdom and guidance.

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