The Witch Doctor

The woman came to see me because she felt like she was stuck and she genuinely believed she’d been cursed.  There were problems and blockages in every aspect of her life, and despite her efforts, she felt she couldn’t move forward and out of the darkness she felt enveloped her. As a result, she paid thousands of dollars to various people claiming to be able to help in an effort to break the curse, but without success. I was intrigued, as I’d never come across anything like this before. I hoped I could help her. She came in for a sacred healing session, and as she lay down on my table, I was instantly brought into the dark in which I can see.

Here are my notes from the session:        

As soon as she lay on the table, I am transported into sacred sight – into another state of consciousness. It’s like night vision. It’s like seeing in darkness under starlight. I am shown her from the side and through her root, sacral and solar plexus centres were old wooden stakes which pierced right through each centre, sticking out the front and back of her body. Then a Witchdoctor appeared by the other side of the bed where the woman lay, eyes closed. I was both delighted and humbled. I ask him why this woman had been cursed. The Witchdoctor tells me she brought dishonor to family… So I ask what can this woman do to release herself from this. The Witchdoctor shares with me what must be done. my vision fades and I am aware of my surroundings,  I am grounded, I am back in the room. 

I re-laid this information to my client . She was at first was very overwhelmed and defensive. She couldn’t understand how she had dishonoured family. After a little time had passed in counsel with her, she revealed that she had left and divorced her husband and after relocating to Australia which had brought dishonour to her ex husbands family. As paying witch doctors and shamans in her country of birth was commonplace. It made sense to her that his family would have placed this curse on her as a result of what they saw as her disrespect and dishonour.  I relayed the  instructions to her from the witchdoctor and told her when this was done to come back. The following fortnight, she came back to me, and her emotional state had altered dramatically. She told me she’d fully accepted responsibility for the pain she caused her husband’s family and she felt genuinely sorry. She also expressed deep compassion for everyone in the situation, including herself.  She had done all that was instructed by the witch doctor to do. As I lay her down on my table the witch doctor appeared and simply said “ It is done the family have been honoured, she is released.” 

After our second sacred session , within a week she had left her employment and home where she had been desperately unhappy as new employment in an area she had wanted to relocate to for the previous two  years opened up and through her compassion and forgiveness of self and the honouring of pain caused, everything started to shift for my client. This experience showed me that we can become stuck by the words and the actions that others can cast. There’s magic and power in all words. Words can heal and words can wound. We must be mindful of what we say, because as I state often, ‘If it is said, it is sent.”  There’s witchcraft imbued in all words, and I believe on some level – we are all our own Witchdoctors. Let our words be infused with love and our highest ideals. I hold great honor and reverence for those who work in the energetic realms and felt grateful that I could help bring some resolution and most importantly peace to this woman and returned honour to her family and the family of her ex partner. 

Kerry Sweet

Copyright Kerry Sweet

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