Clear the Bones Ritual

House Cleanse

I suggest you focus this ritual on one room. You can always come back to this each time you feel ready to tackle another room in your home. If you feel ready to tackle all the rooms in your abode, great.

For this ritual it’s a good idea to have some sage, incense or an oil burner at hand. I recommend soothing music in the background to enhance the vibration while you work also:

Remember to breathe, feel the divine, step out of time, then look at all you have in your chosen room and consider how it makes you feel. If your heart does not expand, get it out. It’s really that simple.

What memories does any given piece hold for you? If they are not happy ones, why do you still have them? These items drain your state and you have them in your space. You’re a sensitive remember. If something holds a sad or painful memory while removing it, declare:

This memory

does not own me now.

I release this sorrow and I am free.

I AM in charge of that which makes me happy.

Then donate, recycle or throw it in the trash. I highly recommend singing this one, it can really supercharge the energy while engaged in this clearing ritual. When you have finished your room. Light your sage/incense/oils and declare:

This room is now cleansed and released form lower states.

As I light this ………. I say

I honour all this energy has taught me

Its wisdom flows through my veins

Its compassion is now part of me,

but all other states are now gone.

It’s also a good idea prior to the room cleanse ritual to give the room a good clean too. Never underestimate the power of this ritual. I use this time and time again and it never fails to release and lift not only myself but the space. This ritual honours our past as we release it and let go of things that no longer vibrate with where we are now. So what bones are you still holding on to? What needs clearing out of your environment to serve your energy moving forward? I would like you to also consider what you wear also? You can use the room cleanse ritual with clothes too. If it does not make you feel great again I ask why is it in your life experience? Use your home ritual and remove anything which does not bring you joy.

Kerry Sweet 2023 (c)

Copyright Kerry Sweet

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