“We all have the capability to heal given the support we need here and now to begin the process of healing using the power of conscious intention. Conscious intention is simply our attention, our energy, directed with focus.” 

-Kerry Sweet-


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“It is not an overstatement to say that Kerry has changed my Life”

“I have always struggled with feeling out of place in the world, of feeling like I am not good enough or worthy of the good things that came my way. Sometimes this would simply be a vague sense of dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment that permeated my life, and other times it would ruin relationships, tear down my self esteem or sabotage previous progress I had made.

I have searched for answers in various ways – counseling, mindfulness, mediation, self-help and yoga. All of these things helped and gave me temporary relief; and I certainly gained a great knowledge of all of my issues this way – but I never felt like I had the tools to fix them and would find myself in similar situations over and over.

A relationship break up brought me to Kerry. Her way of working is entirely unique, and she got to the heart of my issues within an hour.She offers insight and perspective that allows you to see the world, yourself and the people you relate to in an entirely different way. She is gently supportive but also a fierce advocate of honouring self, and all of the gifts that this brings. Her work is a beautiful mix of energy work that is relaxing, rejuvenating and insightful; along with practical talking sessions that help you tease out the reality of a situation and see it for what it truly is. All of this conspires to keep your energy moving and creates forward momentum and presence in your life. This balance of receiving and doing seems to work particularly well – allowing for personal growth while feeling supported and nurtured. She has helped me work through issues and problems that would have caused depression, anxiety and self-medication in the past.

Now I find that I rarely drink at all, I have established a regular spiritual practice, and that I am happier and more in myself than I have ever been.None of this has felt difficult, it has all been a wonderful side effect of committing to myself 100%, and doing the work on myself that needs to be done. I have never felt more able to take care of myself, take charge of my life and make decisions that are right for me than I do right now. I trust my intuition and understand the energy exchanges going on within and around me now; and that feels like a magical power.

If you are ready to change everything, then Kerry is the person to help you do it.

I am deeply grateful to her for all that she has done for me, and continues to do. There is so much still to learn, and I can’t wait. You know that with this work, you cannot go backwards, because “once you have seen, you cannot unsee ”, and what more of an endorsement can there be?”      

Christina. xx 


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“​Kerry is a very rare person. There is no single word I can find to describe the totality of how Kerry has helped me”

“I was guided to her at a most challenging point in my 60 years on this earth. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me to identify the path and keeping me out of the way ? of moving forward.

There has been no area of my life that has not been helped thru the sessions I have hadwith kerry. All areas of my life were thrown off balance,  physically, spiritual and emotionally thru Kerry’s Guidance I am now well on my way to resuming full health.

Kerry is inciteful, compassionate and sensitive with an incredible understanding of the physical and non physical  worlds and what is preventing us from healing. 

I honestly struggle to put into words the thanks and incredible gratitude I feel for having been guided to Kerry and for the help and guidance she has been able to give me.

The process has been more than anything about me getting out of the way and finding the natural path or flow of things. I have had incredible disturbances in every area of my life physical health, relationships, family, financial it has been challenging to just continue each day at times.

Kerry helped me to see the light, to have perspective and to realize who I am and identify with the good that is me.”    



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Over the past few years I have been working with Kerry both using personal consultations and online courses .

I have been very impressed with her intuitive, compassionate and healing abilities. She has a completely unique style. With  humour and integrity, she is able to inspire others to be able to explore and recognise their own unique gifts.                            

Vicki x


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“Thank very much Kerry, you have taught me that love is letting go”

 “I forgive you,please forgive me. We are free.” Its as simple as that. I will try to live by your philosophy”

Blessings Dr D Silva, 
Tamborine Mountain, Australia.





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“I came to session to work on my energetic level and connect with my more spiritual side”

I find myself needing to continue on some sort of spiritual practise. After a significant amount of time unwell both physically and energetically not engaging in any spiritual practices. I had disconnected from reality and my body and felt in need of healing on all counts. I had been suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and generally unwell. Just living every day was getting more and more exhausting. with ongoing sessions I find my physical self improved with no sign of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. more importantly I find myself connected to a higher spiritual vibration with consistent gratitude and happiness. I trust the universe more, have reduced inner thoughts so significantly that i truly know how to be in the moment. On an outward level, I have also found my tribe again. as a migrant the need to connect with others who get you, passes all cultural differences.  

(Name in confidence)


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“I came to see Kerry on the suggestion of a friend. I was having trouble holding my own energy in the chaos that is life”

“I was confronted with the lower vibration energies around me and becoming tangled up in that which is not mine. Kerry has helped me immensely with creating boundaries. Knowing where my energy finishes and someone else’s begins. In her way she has strengthened my resolve to live as my highest and purest self without making constant compromises in my daily life that diminish me. It is so liberating speaking with Kerry as she can see what I am saying on an energetic level. Her understanding expands my own understanding and I am able to grow. I look forward to further sessions with Kerry as I unravel the mystery that is this life. I am driven to know myself more deeply at a galactic level with her help. I recommend Kerry to those who are ready to truly know themselves and to get out of the way of the way.”

Kilandril, Tasmania  


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“I first met Kerry through workshops she was holding. I found them fascinating as her approach was unlike anything I’d come across in books  and other course”

“I then found myself in the unfortunate position of being diagnosed with a life threatening illness. I immediately contacted Kerry and over the course of four months we met regularly for sessions. I cannot thank Kerry enough for I truly believe she helped me heal. Her wisdom was so fresh, deeply intuitive and yet easy to put into practise. It turned my life around in an extremely positive way and I continue to use the techniques she gave me. I would not hesitate to recommend Kerry. It was a fun and fascinating journey.”

(Name in confidence)   


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“My experience of working with Kerry has been gently powerful, by her capacity to bring total awareness and skill to shift energy at that level which my body is ready, willing and able to”

“All the energy Kerry channels is communicated with clarity and endless humour, so that I am part of the healing process – taking ownership of my realignment, in her space and back into my everyday. I’ve found Kerry to be so gorgeously generous with all that she has learned, along her rich pathway of elevation. This has inspired and enhanced my personal growth in mind, body and spirit. I have been truly blessed to work with some incredibly gifted energy workers, and Kerry is one of them. I am so grateful to her, and all that she’s enabled for me. She is one of my chosen healers, and I give her the highest commendation  She is one of my chosen healers, mentors and friend.    

(​Name in confidence) 


Its the one day in the week I really look forward to. I don’t understand energy stuff! I just know that an hours healing calms me and leaves me feeling less anxious and more positive for the next few days. It really helps me manage my mood swings. Come back to the UK soon!

A Adams

I had never had an energy session before MT said it would give me what I needed. I slept the next day all day! unheard of so much so I had to ask MT if this was normal ha,ha. Thank you I would highly recommend a session.

Mrs J Russo

“I booked a session with Kerry as I have a pattern of behaviour I’ve not been able to address through years of therapy. Kerry was able to see the block with very little information from me, and tell me where the source of this block came from. It’s very deep and emotional, and although I’d vaguely suspected the cause, I couldn’t shift it. I’ve only had two sessions, but can already see the benefits.”      

(Name in confidence)

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“The Ekam energy sessions changed everything for me”

“The first session gave me confidence and inspiration beyond measure. In the time before my next session there was a high, energy wise, and then a levelling off as I emotionally and physically processed the healing.

The 2nd session was even more inspiring and opened my energy and outlook to another level. The tools and advice You gave me to help process my healing were invaluable…I faithfully followed Your guidance and practised what You shared with me. I was truly amazed at how You knew things and explained what I was feeling and going through and at how it just made “sense” in how I had been affected from my life and the people who influenced me thus far.

After a few weeks I had a lot of emotional turmoil and upheaval…emotions were coming up and very strong feelings which surprised me. It was then that I just had to have my third Ekam energy healing session.

To me, You were like a Psychotherapist asking me questions that went straight to my core beliefs and values which were not my Truth. I had an Amazing “Aha” moment…actually a few “Aha” moments. That changed Everything. I then knew what was blocking me and I was able to…with Your guidance…see through the illusions of fear, doubt, uncertainty and of course the big one…Unworthiness! I was totally “Empowered”. I had a Courage, a Trust, a Self Belief In my Heart and a knowingness that has totally Transformed my Life. It was a “Transforming Alchemical Experience” that, as I said, changed everything.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Mt! I Am truly Grateful to You and Your Divine Ekam energy sessions. I Absolutely recommend Your sessions to Anyone…especially Lightworkers I needed you and you appeared…without any doubt whatsoever I recommend You and Your Healing sessions. Without You, I would be still caught up in littleness, doubt and fear. Now I follow my Heart in Peace Trust, and Divine Certainty. Thank You Mt, for Rocking my world! Much Love and Light to You, Divine Healer…Peace and Blessings” XX 

Paul O’Mahoney, Australia


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“Kerry does Energy healing which is like Reiki but she is so gifted that she actually feels, hears and sees the energy moving and what it’s doing to the physical body”

“She works with the emotional blocks so the stuck energy around the issues can flow freely again. She will only work with where you’re at though. She also works with the other side and is able to recognise and see when others that have passed are not able to move on. She actually helped a spirit in my house at Dover, Tasmania that couldn’t move on. She works with different realms on so many levels and I have learnt and experienced so much through her. She has told me where I’m from and I actually work with the angels now which I am just loving. I’ve never known anyone like Kerry. She is just beautiful and I have no words with how much she has helped me. Sorry for the book but I get so excited when I talk about the work she does because it’s completely changed my life.”

(Name in confidence)



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“I have been lucky enough to have found Kerry and have been receiving sessions for the last 16 months. In this time, Kerry has helped me transform my life from within”

“Kerry is an incredibly gifted energy worker, guide and mentor. Kerry sets a space she skillfully holds with love and humour in this space you can relax and just be. ‘The work” feels more like “play.’ I have been having sessions in a 2 week interval pattern, and personally, I feel, having a continuous practice that holds a rhythm  has allowed my transformation to be powerful, easy and fully anchored. All of my imagined “fears and phantoms” have been so easily moved through and dissolved.  I feel like a new and upgraded version of myself, with new eyes, a deep growing and lasting peace, and new wisdom and clarity. These are the priceless gifts that Kerry can offer, and I would recommend Kerry to every being who is ready to grow ? and be the change they would like to see in the world.

In deep gratitude and love. Sami 


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“I was given Kerry’s phone number by a very dear friend of mine. At the time I wasn’t in the best headspace, so to speak. ( I thought I was going crazy).

So I gave Kerry a call to see what she was all about. 

What a beautiful knowledgeable person she is. I was blown away by her. Kerry understood me from the start and what’s more important I understood her. Finally I had found someone that could help me put my head straight. I wasn’t going insane. People were telling me all sought of things about me and I was so confused, I did not know which way to turn and I didn’t know how to get out of the state I was in. She made perfect sense to me. Kerry told me to start listening to myself, believe in myself  because I was right in what I was feeling. She gave me the tools to stand up for myself be strong and believe in myself again. I was able to leave the situation that I got myself into, and now I am at home with loving people, and every day is getting better. So much so that I was looking for work and I was not able to find the position available in the papers etc. I decided to just walk in to various establishments and ask if I could leave my resume with them and please give me a call if there where any vacancies in the future. I would  never have had the strength to do that without the guidance of Kerry. She has saved my sanity. I am extremely thankful to Kerry for all the guidance she has given me today and will in the future. Thank You.”

(Name in confidence)


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“A phone consult/healing with Kerry with Kerry transcends all physical barriers, allowing a sacred, held safe space to sit in my vulnerability and release my social mask”

Allowing the deep heartfelt truth to rise for healing. I received constant confirmation through goosebumps (divine guidance and my spirit team) and energy shifts providing a divine channeling and healing for my mind, body and soul.  Kerry provided an action plan with tools to feel the fear and resistance and soften into compassion, acceptance self love and trust. I’m so grateful Kerry for such wise woman healing.   “I first booked in to see Kerry because emotionally I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and my anxiety had escalated to a new level. A friend of mine had recently started working with Kerry, whom she described as ‘magical.’ I was definitely in a place where I felt like I could do with some magic in my life! Kerry has equipped me with tools that have helped become more grounded while also giving me a better understanding of my behaviours. She helped me to see the patterns that I have in my life are a consequence of stories that I have been telling myself for years. This made me realise that stories are simply stories and therefore can be changed. I can feel that there is a deep expansion taking place in my inner world and am excited to see where my work with Kerry will lead me.”

(Name in confidence)


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Hello Kerry x x life is so good x

I moved house to a lovely quirky place that had my name written all over it x and the man you said would come into my life has arrived and treats me like a princess just like you knew he would x x x i know all in your life will be wonderful too because you deserve it all me lovely friend x x x love in abundance is winging its way to you from across the miles.” xxxx

Lyndsay Whiting UK


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“The time with you has changed my life,

It has opened my abilities to an even greater level and tuned me into my guides. The way you see and describe energy is amazing..thank you MT.” 

J Russo
Mt Tambourine QLD

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Thanks for everything Kerry.

The last couple of years have been a massive time of change and growth.

Thank you for your guidance, non judgement, love and compassion.   


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